Monday, January 24, 2011

What I do in my free time

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a little whille since I last posted, but I've been crazy busy with school!
There aren't many updates at the moment, but I decided to show you guys what sorts of things I do, that are Libera related in my free time! Also, look out for a new post comming up with 3 (or more) new CD's that I'll be getting on my brithday, January 27th!

During choir I often get quite bored because our director has to spend half the lesson lecturing some members on how to behave, or while she is working with the Altos or Soprano 2s  and I have some spare time I like to, let's say decorate, the backs of my sheet music.
 They can turn out looking like this;

Or this;
(not completed yet!)

Another thing I have done it wrote all the boys names on popsicle sticks, I'm going to eventualy make something using them, I'm just not sure yet! They couldn't all fit in the picture, but here's what I got.

 I also like to make backgrounds for my iPod touch! I currently don't have any of mine saved to my new laptop, but I have 2 my friend made, so I'll use those as examples! [credits to Hannah!]

A drawing of a Libera robe:

(you can see my bun poking out on the right side xD)

Hope ya'll liked the random post! I'll try to keep updating, hopefully we'll get more news as the Epsom concert approaches!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vote for Robert Prizeman for Classical FM's Hall of Fame!

Thanks so much to Jimmy on Libera dreams for showing us this!
Robert Prizeman has been nominated for 4 songs for the Classical FM's Hall of Fame. The songs are Sanctus, May the Road Rise up, Voca Me, and Beata Lux, but you ay only vote for 3 of them.
If you are interested in voting, please go to and type in 'Prizeman' in the search box. The 4 compositions nominated will then show up, and you can order your top 3 favorites below. Next fill out the information (it can be fake if you'd like), then submit your votes!
It'd be really great if we could get him into the Hall of Fame, because we all know he deserves it!

Here is a pictue from Jimmy as to what it should look like:
Thanks for supporting our beloved Mr. Prizeman!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

O Sanctissima on Songs of Praise today!

What a lovely performance! The cathedral where this was shot is beautiful! I'd love to attend the next Arundel concert, but I don't think I'll be able to fly over to London again, after Epsom. It's nice to see that Josh is in the video, with his long hair! ;D Overall a great video, it's great Libera was able to upload this so quickly! They sure know how to please their fans!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fan Poster for Epsom!

A few weeks ago I was home sick.. I decided I didn't really like the Epsom Playhouse's poster for the Libera cocnert, so went ahead and made my own :D It's not the greatest thing ever, but I'm pretty proud of it! (I make graphics for websites, but so far I haven't liked anything as much as this!)

I'm not asking Libera to use this or anything, I'd just like to show people my work! Hope to see some of you guys there! :)

Libera apperance on Songs of Praise January 16th!

Next week, on Sunday January 16th, Libera will be on BBC's Song of Praide for the Arundel eppisode.
"Sally Magnusson discovers the historical secrets of the Sussex market town, and introduces hymns from the Roman Catholic Cathedral and a sparkling performance from Libera."
I wonder which song it will be? Possibly the one we have pictures of being filmed outside? Maybe Sanctisima? I'd personally like Exsultate, as it's a super fun happy song!
I really hope someone will record it and post it on youtube, or that Libera will post it themselvs! :D

Sorry for this very late edit, but it has been confirmed that they will be singing Sanctisima!
I can't wait or it to be on youtube for all the non-UK fans to see!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to our January Libera members!

2011 has rolled on in, which means it's now the start of January! We have 4 birthdays this month, of amazing Libera members! They are Ben Philipp, Sammy Moriarty, Jonathan Barrington, and James Threadgill (even if he isn't still with Libera, I'd like to give him a birthday shout out!)

January 6th:

Ben Philipp!!! Mini-Ben! You are sooo fun to watch, espically in your Ben and the Train series! My sister and I were doubled over laughing during them! You've come a very long way since you started Libera, and everytime I hear you sing it is outstanding! Happy Birthday!!! Hope to see you in Epsom!

(this photo is one of the 4 on the back of my ipod, I love it!)

Sammy! Happy birthday!! I really enjoy watching you sing, and defiently enjoy listening to you!! Hope you have a great birthday!!! I wanna hear you sing a solo in March, hope you will be doing one! :)

January 27:

I bet you're thinking whattt??!! There's no Libera birthday then! Yes, very true, but it is my 14th birhday ^-^
(just thought I'd add that in there for fun (; )

(that will count as me for now! Those are actually my team colors!)

January 31st:

Jonathan Barrington! What's up JB?? I've really enjoyed watching you over the past few years, and I'm so sad that your time with Libera will be ending soon. You will always be remembered as a great choiristor! Happy Birthday! Hope it's the best!!

James Threadgill! I really am sad that you haven't been appearing in Libera lately, but I'd still like you to have a great 14th Birthday! Hope it's the best! (I'm older than you by 4 days!)

Hope you all have fantastic birthdays!!!