Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update + announcement...

Hi all! I haven't posted here in a while... sorry.. school has been so crazy, and this summer is going to be just as bad, so I've made up my mind to close my blog for a while. There are so many other wonderful ones, with much more expierenced bloggers/writes than myself, such as Lexi, Charmaine, Inna, and many more! Well, bye for now! Hopefully I will be able to come back soon :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Song of Life - Full Video!

So sorry for the lack of posts! School has been way to busy and I've been in and out of town 3 times in the past 2 months, and will be again on Wednesday! Today, on mothers day, Libera posted the full video of Song of Life! Not gonna lie, it made me cry.

I have to admit, I think I probably cout for half of the views! I've been listening to it all day!! It seems a little more relaxed and natural than other videos. Hoodies and not robes, sleeves rolled up, hair not perfect, etc. and I really like that about this video! It fits the song nicely. Nice to see Josh in there as well ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hamilton Review!

I'm now home in Texas, after seeing Libera in Hamilton! As some of you
might've seen I was going pretty crazy before, during, and after the concert,
and I'm pretty much still like that now. We, my aunt, uncle, and their exchange
student Marielly from Brazil, and I, arrived at the church much later than
planned, at about 6:45. I jumped out of the car and skipped/twirled/ran to the
end of the huge line outside. On my way down I ran into a few A/V and forum
members, as well as some new fans, many of whom said "wow! Look! You can get
Libera sweatshirts!" Ah, nope, but you can make them, haha. We ran into a bunch
of people my aunt and uncle knew in line, from various choirs, school,
etc. After about 10 minutes of dieing (or waiting, as everyone else would call
it) my uncle and I went to see if premium ticket holders could go in early. It
was a yes! I ran back down to get my aunt and Marielly and we all went inside. I
bought a program from Lexi who was helping to sell them, then proceded inside
the main area. The man at the door brought us to the first few rows and said we
could sit anywhere there. I saw some decent spots 3 rows back on the left side
and started to walk over there. Passing the front row I saw many fans I knew,
and was then offered a seat! I couldn't believe it! thank you so much to all of
ya'll who helped me get that seat, it was perfect. The other 3 members of my
group ended up sitting in the spots I'd originaly seen. I had a nice time
chatting with the people around me (Heather and her mom, Tom, Paul, Patrick,
etc.), I just hope I didn't annoy ya'll too much! Anyways, shortly after that
the concert began. As the first few boys walked out on stage I started shaking
even harder than before, doing anything I could with my hands to not accidentaly
smack my neighbors in the face from excietment. They began the Jubliate/Libera
chain and I just sat there with this huge cheesy grin on my face, that didn't
leave the whole time! I was able to make eye contact with several of the boys -
Daniel and Matthew Jansen in particular.  I also noticed some of them eyeing my
I love Libera hoodie and cowboy boots as the lights turned on. All of the songs
were phenomonal, and all the soloists were perfect! I sat through the first
half, mesmorized, just staring at the boys. When it was half time, or the
interval as they say, I got up to chat with the fans some more, and went to walk
around. On my way to get some water I accidentaly walked into Callum, who was
walking very fast towards the way I had just come. It was kind of funny
actually, because I was like "Oh! Sorry! My goodness, I'm so sorry!" and he
responded with "It's fine." then walked away. I also got to exhange a few words
with Big Ben, thanking him for the concert, etc. When the second half started I
was just as bad as I was before! When Song of Life began I was doing everything
I could to not sing along, including mouthing the words, covering my mouth, and
what not. It was just so beautiful, and made me cry! Going Home was amazing.
Daniel looked at me almost the whole time (or it looked like it, at least!). 
After the concert I really enjoyed talking to everyone! Sorry about the picture
thing with my uncle, I honestly had no idea what was going on.. but for anyone
reading this in the picture I won't post it! Also, thanks to Yuki from Japan for
showing me her Miracle of Life CD! It was so beautiful! Hopefully it will be for
sale in the US soon. On the drive home from the concert I couldn't help but shed
a tear. This might be my last Libera concert for a long while. Hopefully it
won't, but that's what my mom has said. Thanks to everyone who helped make this
trip special for me! I owe it to ya'll!

Pictures to come when I get home from school! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hamilton Concert

This concert was AMAZING! Everyone said it was the best so far! I had a fantastic time meeting everyone! All the songs were perfect, and so were all the boys!

More to come tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toronto Islington Concert + Kitchener Concert

Sorry for the lack of posting on the concerts, but I've been soooo extremly bussy at school. Since I'll be missing 2 days I've had to get all my assigenments turned in by tomorrow! Tonight I still need to write a lyric poem, which everyone else has until Monday to do! Anyways, I'm here for a bit now so I figured I'd let you guys know that both concerts went great, and were huge successes! You can read reviews from link I've posted in previous threads, as well as on Paul30003's blog here! Both venues looked beautiful, and everyone has said the sounds was great for both.
Just one more day until I leave for Canada! Soooooo excited! Can't wait to see some of ya'll there :)
Now off to write my poem, lol.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Concert in London, Ontario

When I first heard the news that Libera would be singing in London, ON, I was certian I'd be going! "Daddy was born there! I'm sure he'd wana go back!" I thought, but turns out he was just there in October, and had no desire to see Libera, so I was stuck finding other arangements, which did work out nicely :) Unfortuntly, this meant no London concert, but luckly we have some awesome fans who have shared their reviews and thoughts!

From what I read, this concert was perfect, flawless, the best people have seen! If it's that good by the second concert, imagine how it will be by the 6th and seventh!

To read more on it, please check out Lexi's review on her blog here, or the reviews on the French forum here!

Libera to sing at Easter Mass

Today the bulitin for the  Church of Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph was updated to say:

"On Easter Sunday we will welcome the "LIBERA" choir from England who will join our choir at the 11a.m. Mass. In the evening they will perform a concert at 7p.m. in our Church"

That's great news for anyone who will be there! Actually, there's a slight chance that I'll be able to attend this service, too, as I will still be there on Sunday! The choir of the church is very lucky, as this indicates that they will be singing WITH Libera! Oh how jealous I feel! All that aside, it will not be broadcast over the web like previous venues have done on the USA tour, so those not going will unfortuntly not be able to view it.

Good luck, Libera! :D

Friday, April 15, 2011

Concert at St. Michael's, Toronto

The first concert of the tour was last night, and it soudns like it wen't pretty well! There were a few minor issues with sound and lighting, but hopefully it'll all be better tonight!

The set list and the boys singing were exactly the same as in Epsom with one little change. Love and Mercy has now been switched with Song of Life! I think that it's a great change, since Love and Mercy was near the end of the program, so now Song of Life will be fresher in our minds after the concert!

Also, there was no neet and greet, nor a photo session. This might be due to the fact that the concert started late and had a very long intermission, or that security is getting tighter. I still have my fingers crossed for later concerts, though!

As well as some from the English forum, right here:

Let's hear it for a great start on their Canada tour!! One down, 6 to go :D
Best of luck tonight to anyone going, and to Libera!

**for anyone going to any of the other concerts, or who was in Toronto last night, if you would like to submit a review or any notes about the concert, please do let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts!**

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canada updates!

As of now, one concert is already sold out! It's the one at  Islington United Church in Toronto on April 17th! It's sure to be a great show and I hope everyone lucky enough to get tickets has a great time!
Libera should have landed in Canada an hour or so ago, but we're still waiting on a final word! I hope they had a safe and enjoyable flight, as it's a long one! Some of the fans set out today as well, and many more will be leaving tomorrow! I don't leave until next Thursday, the 21, but I'm still super duper excited! I hope to meet a lot of new people there, as well as some I met in Epsom! Hope everyone who is traveling from anywhere in the world to go see Libera in Canada has a fantastic journy!
Libera Forever!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Photos + Help spread the word!

Libera has just poster to their offical site;

"As our first tour to Canada approaches we have been working hard to prepare the show that we will be performing in 7 exciting venues in Ontario.  
We hope that all our fans in Canada know about the tour and have managed to get tickets, but  if you know anyone in Canada who might not have heard that Libera is visiting perhaps you could let them know - we'd hate anyone to miss out just because they didn't hear in time. 
Ticket information is available on our events page.
Why not share on Facebook or Twitter using the links at the bottom of this page......"

Looks as if they really want to sell out all the concerts, and spread their music to as many fans as possible! I know everyone would really appreciate it if you could spread the word to anyone you know in Canada or the North/North East U.S.! I've just sent out an email to all my family in Canada just letting them know, incase they want to go! You can also send people links to the posters, so that they can help by hanging them up!

Inbetween these postings they have also shared some new pictures, from rehersals in St. Philips and the Epsom concert! It's so neat seeing the boys from a different angle than the front row - you can really see the formations the make!

To see the rest, click here.

How exciting! One week until the tour starts! Hope everyone going has fun, and remember to spread the word!!

New Song of Life Preview!

Oh goodness.. what more can I say? Favorite song ever... I decided that the second they began it in Epsom, it was beautiful, breath-taking, stunning! I just couldn't believe it! I now have it memorized word for word, which I'm pretty proud of ^^ A huge thank you to koma1280 for uploading this, and an even bigger thank you to Takatsugu Muramatsu, Robert Prizeman, Ralph, and every other Libera member who sings in this song! I'm literally in tears as I type this, it's just so amazing and magical! :')

Friday, April 1, 2011

Song of Life - New Libera song!

Hello All! Sorry for the huge lack of updates, I've had hours of homework each night, to get ready for state testing, and then a huge chor contest that I had today!
 I know I'm pretty late on this, but I finally have time to update on the new Libera song, called Song of Life! It will be featured in the new Japanese TV show "Madonna Verde" as well as the new Mini Album "Miracle of Life" . Song of Life was written by Japanese composer Takatsugu Muramatsu, who also composed Far Away and you Were There. Miracle of Life will be released on April 13, and will feature the following:
1) Song of Life
2) Far Away
3) You Were There
4) Salva Me
5) Eternal Light
6) I am the Day
7) Deep Peace

Song of Life is now my new favorite song, after hearing it in Canada! It's super beautiful!
The lyrics were printed in the program, so I decided to type them up!

There’s a whisper in the dark
As a new life comes to be.
Then a song begins to form

As it finds the harmony
With a chorus of sound
Of the world all around
Now it blends in the tune
Joining the endless song of life.

We shall never be alone
As we link our hearts in one
Joining voices from above,
All in the miracle of life.
Through the ages we will grow
Only time will ever know,
As our voices magnify,
All in the miracle of life.

Love plays along in our lives yet to come
As we join the song of life.

Now the music starts to build
As the words begin to rhyme
Then another lends a tune
As their voices now combine
With the chorus of sound
Of the world all around
Now they blend their tune
Sharing the endless song of life.

We shall never be alone
As we link our hearts in one
Joining voices from above,
All the miracle of life,
Through the ages we will grow
Only time will ever know,
As our voices magnify,
All in the miracle of life.

Love plays along in our lives yet to come
As we join in the song of life

 The first verse can be heard in this video, and the chorus can be heard here.

Can't wait until it comes out!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Congrats to Josh Madine in the 2010 AFTI Media Poll!

The results are now up from the 2010 AFTI boy media poll!!


I'd like to give a big congratulations to Josh Madine, who placed #9 in the top 10, against people like Justin Bieber, Grayson Chance, and Jaden Smith! All of the Libera boys had been nominated, and 9 other Libera boys made the top 108! Those being Ben Philipp in 33rd, Kavana Crossley in 39th, Liam Connery in 44th, Tom Cully in 60th, Henry Barrington in 73rd, Ralph Skan in 73rd, Jonathan Barrington in 88th, Sam Leggett in 88th, and Jakob De Menezes-Wood in 108th! I'd say over all Libera did great!!

Epsom review!!!

 The Epsom concert was AMAZING! Too amazing for words! Fantastic, awesome,
wonderful, brilliant, and stunning can't  even begin to describe my experience.

I really enjoyed meeting up with a lot of the fans from the Libera Dreams forum,
and some others as well - I just hope I didn't annoy ya'll too much!! I was
literally shaking with excitment, as well as having troubles breathing!
Hopefully I'll be able to grasp on to what I saw soon... I'm still in pure
shock... for anyone there, I was the girl with the "I love Libera" hoody with
the sparkly heart on it - you might've seen me acting insane.

Now onto my review!

From my spot in AA2 (front row, second seat from the left) the piano was
blocking the left hand side of the stage, but I did my best to figure out
soloists by ear.
here is the song list with solists:
Jubliate chained with Libera
I really liked this combo! Great fow from one pice to the next! Also it heped
that mini Ben was looking at me the entire time, or so it looked like. It was
nice to hear Jubliate again, as I always liked it! Stefan and Luke sang the
verses in Libera as a duet.
Freddie and Cassius speech
The boys took turns talking - it was really cute!
Eternal Light - Stefan and Ralph
This was stunning! Eternal Light is in my top 5 favorite songs, and they sure
did well on it! The harmonies were wonderful!
Sanctissima - Ralph
Loved it!! Although I prefer Ben's version, Ralph's is still very nice!!
Loved it! Robert and the other musicans started off with the full 8 notes of
Pachelbel Canon, then went into the soaring melodies.  I sat open-mouthed for
this one, I couldn't believe how amazing it was.
Kavana speech
I was sad that he didn't do his conducter demonstration, but he did tell us how
Sanctus is sung in an 8 part harmony, which is pretty impressive!
Alwys with You - Freddie with Jakob on the Ah's
This was great! Freddie nailed it, and Jakob owned his part! Loved the staging
on this one!
Song of Life - Ralph.
In my notes I have written  "LOVE IT! IN TOP 5!!" and I really meant it! It was
sooo amazing.. it just kept building up and up from the sample we have already
heard.. can't wait to hear it in Canada!
Salva Me - Matthew R-A
wonderful! This has to be my second favorite version of Salva, behind Joe
Barney speech - very cute! He introduced all the musicans and talked to us about
'Plainsong' which Salva was based off of.
Lamentione (Lament from Free) - Ralph and Daniel on the Ah's
I have writtien down that the low parts were very nice, and indeed they were!
Exultate - Stefan and Daniel.
The sliding forward, backward, diagonal, and sideways was awesome! I loved it!
Super upbeat and fun!


Mysterium chained with Gloria
Ralph on the Mysterium solo. I'd been looking foward to this, and was not at all
dissapointed! Gloria was simply fantastic!! I had a huge smile on my face the
whole time!
The formed a big U-like shape, slowly taking their hoods off two by two,
starting in the center and working their way out. During this song I had a
perfect view of JB, Liam, Ben, and Daniel, so I was happy about that!
Freddie speech
"Hello! It's me again!" talked about memorizing everything for the concert, and
practicing blindfolded!
Fountain - Ralph and Kavana
I seriously got chills from this. It started off with RP  on piano, and then the
boys began. This song was one of my favorites last night, maybe partly because
Daniel and I had locked eyes for almost the whole song, haha
When a Knight - Ralph
loved it!! Seemed a little different tempo than on CD's, but it was great!
Stay with me -Daniel with Matthew R-A on Ah's
Daniel graced his solo so well that I was left speechless and noteless. I
couldn't believe it! He is one of my new favorites now! Matthew also did a great
Liam speech
said that some of the older boys are at home studying for school exams, and also
explained how much fun it was to explore their new voices as they break.
Ave Verum - Carlos on main solo with Jakob echoing
They slowly formed a V with JB at the point, it was very cool!
Love and Mercy - James and Freddie, with Daniel helping
Jaw-dropper. I couldn't believe it was really tiny little James and little
Freddie singing this! James' last "Mercy and Love" was wonderful!
Going Home - James, Daniel and Jakob
Amazing... it was quite lovely! I really like how their voices fit the parts.
Jude speech
"Hello! I'm Jude! I'm new!" His speech made all of us laugh quite a bit, he's so
cute! Reminds me of Flynn. He told us that he had to learn all the music in just
2 months - wow!
How Shall I sing - Jakob and Stefan
I loved the lighting for this, yet I was so sad that it was the last song! I was
the second to stand at the end, for the ovation, and we all clapped for a very
long well deserved time!
encore:  Exultate reprise
A very short bit of Exultate, wouldve liked something else, but at least this
left the concert on a happy note!

There was no meet and greet or photo sessions, but many of us stayed after and
were able to talk with a few of the boys! I got to take pictures with Stefan,
Daniel, and Ben, as well as get Ben and Daniel's autographs! Also, I got to meet
Tom Cully after the concert, very briefly, but it was still amazing and I
couldn't believe I was talking to him!
 I'm sad the night's over, but I now have my premium seats in Hamilton to look
foward to! Hope to see some of you there!
Also, the members singing were:
- Henry Barrington
- Jonathan Barrington
- Tiarnan Brandson
- Jude Collins
- Luke Collins
- Liam Connery
- Kavana Crossley
- Jakob de Menezes
- Dylan Duffy
- Daniel Fontanaz
- Freddie Ingles
- Matthew Jansen
- Stefan Leadbeater 
- Alex Leggett
- Barney Lindsell
- Eoghan McCarthy
- James Mordaunt
- Samuel Moriarty
- Cassius O'Connell-White
- Benedict Philipp
- Matthew Rangel-Alvares
- Carlos Rodriguez
- Ralph Skan

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Libera Hoodie

As I am leaving for London today I thought it'd be nice to show you guys my Libera hoodie! It's just like the ones they wear, except it says " I ♥ Libera " The letters are made from sparkly black felt and the heart is an iron on sequin applique.  For those of you going to Epsom, you'll now be able to spot me ;D

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Canada Tour Dates Announced!

Libera has announced the dates for their upcomming Canada tour, plus they have uploaded this video!

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The dates and venues are as follows:

Thursday 14th April
St Michael's Catholic Cathedral
200 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario

Friday 15th April
First-St Andrew's United Church
350 Queens Avenue
London, Ontario

Sunday 17th April
Islington United Church
25 Burnhamthorpe Road
Toronto, Ontario

Monday 18th April
The Centre on the Square
101 Queen Street North
Kitchener, Ontario

Tuesday 19th April
St Paul's Congregational Church
450 Park Avenue West
Chatham, Ontario

Friday 22nd April
West Highland Baptist Church
1605 Garth Street
Hamilton, Ontario
(Also a Good Friday Service at 10:30am that they might sing in)

Sunday 24th April
Church of Our Lady Immaculate
28 Norfolk Street
Guelph, Ontario

Saturday, March 5, 2011


WOW!!! I come home from babysitting to see an email from Libera's blgo stating:

"We are pleased to announce our Spring Tour.  We will be be visiting Ontario, Canada between April 13th and 24th.  We will be performing in Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Chatham-Kent and Guelph.   Arrangements are still being finalised and we expect to announce further details shortly."

I've been going complete bonkers since I heard this news! I have family in these exact cities, or quite near them!!! My dad will be calling up North tomorrow to see if I can fly up alone and stay with them there!! He was actually born in London, Canada, so it's really neat that Libera will be visiting! Plus I'd get to miss school!! Well, possibly state testing as well (uh-oh!) but who cares! ;D
Really hope to see as many of you there as possible!!! :D :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Libera Boys nominated for 2010 AFTI Media Boy!

Almost all of the current Libera boys have been nominated for the 2010 AFTI Media Boy! Basically, this award goes to the boy who people think is most deserving, who has done the most in 2010.

The site states:
"Fans should submit 5 performers' (or fewer) names from the list of nominees to the email address available when voting commences. Voters are encouraged to vote for the performers who they feel made the most significant impact in the media in 2010 by way of outstanding performances, significant contributions, and other brilliant and memorable achievements. Please feel free to vote for whomever you choose, but note that the AFTI Poll is not a popularity or "beauty contest", but is rather a Poll to help determine the performer who is most deserving of this honor based on his talents and accomplishments, as voted by you, the fans."

So let's get voting!

In order to vote you must send an email to the address present when you hover over the words 'Vote Now' on the site, as shown.
In the email you must include the 5 boys you wish to vote for in the order  you think they deserve. I set mine up as a list like so:
#1 (name here)
#2 (name here)
#3 (name here)
#4 (name here)
#5 (name here)

The poll ends on March 12, just 6 days before the Epsom concert!

Hopefully we can get at least one, if not more, of the Libera boys on this list! :D

Thanks to Benj on the Libera Dreams fan forum for letting us know about this!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Peace Deluxe is now available in the US!

The long wait is over! You can finally purchase Peace Deluxe here in America! My sister said it was on sale for $16.99 at Barnes and Noble, which is a fantastice price! You can also order it from now!
My mom and sister are at Barnes and Noble right now for a get together for my sisters Gifted and Talented school, and my mom offered to take a picture of the CD for me! I'll post it as soon as she gets home!
EDIT: Here it is! :D

 Hope everyone is finally able to get their hands on a copy! :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day is tomorrow! I know it's nothing to get too excited for, but it's a great excuse to eat lots of chocolate! Haha... but in my opinion it's a time to show that you care for people, and tell your friends and family how much you love them! The dictionarty definition is as follows:
February 14, observed in honor of St. Valentine as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affection.
So that's why in elementry school we made valentines for everyone in our class! I always wondered how that came about :)
I was bored today so I decided to make a little Libera valentines day card! Sorry it's not too great but it's the best I could do! Hope you guys all enjoy this special day!

Lots of Love, Rebecca <3

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Updates on Libera 2011

Hello everyone! it's been pretty quiet in the Libera world, but today on the forum JimmyRiddle shared with us an amazing clip of Aled Jones on the radio reading allowed an email from Robert Prizeman. Here is the link for anyone who would like to listen!
All I can say is WOW! In that short 45 minutes we hear:
 "a new team of 7 and 8 year-olds will be starting with them" Could this be the boys that were seen in Arundel?
"we know that several of them will soon be singing in front of thousands and thousands of people, perhaps in a vast concert hall the other side of the world or maybe a small evening service in South London." More concerts?! Vast concert halls on the other side of the world could mean they are planning some big concerts on tour?
"With several international tours planned for this year, a new album and some new songs on the way already" I will not deny that I let our a little shriek when I heard this. SEVERAL internations tours!  Possibly US, Canada, and possibly an Asian tour or two?  Sounds like I need to keep saving up for plane tickets! Good thing I just renued my passport! A new album!!! I can't wait! hope to hear solos from some of the new boys! New songs!! They should be fantastic, no doubt about that!

This sounds like a very promissing year for Libera! Hopefully more on al lthis will be announced soon! :D

Monday, January 24, 2011

What I do in my free time

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a little whille since I last posted, but I've been crazy busy with school!
There aren't many updates at the moment, but I decided to show you guys what sorts of things I do, that are Libera related in my free time! Also, look out for a new post comming up with 3 (or more) new CD's that I'll be getting on my brithday, January 27th!

During choir I often get quite bored because our director has to spend half the lesson lecturing some members on how to behave, or while she is working with the Altos or Soprano 2s  and I have some spare time I like to, let's say decorate, the backs of my sheet music.
 They can turn out looking like this;

Or this;
(not completed yet!)

Another thing I have done it wrote all the boys names on popsicle sticks, I'm going to eventualy make something using them, I'm just not sure yet! They couldn't all fit in the picture, but here's what I got.

 I also like to make backgrounds for my iPod touch! I currently don't have any of mine saved to my new laptop, but I have 2 my friend made, so I'll use those as examples! [credits to Hannah!]

A drawing of a Libera robe:

(you can see my bun poking out on the right side xD)

Hope ya'll liked the random post! I'll try to keep updating, hopefully we'll get more news as the Epsom concert approaches!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vote for Robert Prizeman for Classical FM's Hall of Fame!

Thanks so much to Jimmy on Libera dreams for showing us this!
Robert Prizeman has been nominated for 4 songs for the Classical FM's Hall of Fame. The songs are Sanctus, May the Road Rise up, Voca Me, and Beata Lux, but you ay only vote for 3 of them.
If you are interested in voting, please go to and type in 'Prizeman' in the search box. The 4 compositions nominated will then show up, and you can order your top 3 favorites below. Next fill out the information (it can be fake if you'd like), then submit your votes!
It'd be really great if we could get him into the Hall of Fame, because we all know he deserves it!

Here is a pictue from Jimmy as to what it should look like:
Thanks for supporting our beloved Mr. Prizeman!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

O Sanctissima on Songs of Praise today!

What a lovely performance! The cathedral where this was shot is beautiful! I'd love to attend the next Arundel concert, but I don't think I'll be able to fly over to London again, after Epsom. It's nice to see that Josh is in the video, with his long hair! ;D Overall a great video, it's great Libera was able to upload this so quickly! They sure know how to please their fans!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fan Poster for Epsom!

A few weeks ago I was home sick.. I decided I didn't really like the Epsom Playhouse's poster for the Libera cocnert, so went ahead and made my own :D It's not the greatest thing ever, but I'm pretty proud of it! (I make graphics for websites, but so far I haven't liked anything as much as this!)

I'm not asking Libera to use this or anything, I'd just like to show people my work! Hope to see some of you guys there! :)

Libera apperance on Songs of Praise January 16th!

Next week, on Sunday January 16th, Libera will be on BBC's Song of Praide for the Arundel eppisode.
"Sally Magnusson discovers the historical secrets of the Sussex market town, and introduces hymns from the Roman Catholic Cathedral and a sparkling performance from Libera."
I wonder which song it will be? Possibly the one we have pictures of being filmed outside? Maybe Sanctisima? I'd personally like Exsultate, as it's a super fun happy song!
I really hope someone will record it and post it on youtube, or that Libera will post it themselvs! :D

Sorry for this very late edit, but it has been confirmed that they will be singing Sanctisima!
I can't wait or it to be on youtube for all the non-UK fans to see!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to our January Libera members!

2011 has rolled on in, which means it's now the start of January! We have 4 birthdays this month, of amazing Libera members! They are Ben Philipp, Sammy Moriarty, Jonathan Barrington, and James Threadgill (even if he isn't still with Libera, I'd like to give him a birthday shout out!)

January 6th:

Ben Philipp!!! Mini-Ben! You are sooo fun to watch, espically in your Ben and the Train series! My sister and I were doubled over laughing during them! You've come a very long way since you started Libera, and everytime I hear you sing it is outstanding! Happy Birthday!!! Hope to see you in Epsom!

(this photo is one of the 4 on the back of my ipod, I love it!)

Sammy! Happy birthday!! I really enjoy watching you sing, and defiently enjoy listening to you!! Hope you have a great birthday!!! I wanna hear you sing a solo in March, hope you will be doing one! :)

January 27:

I bet you're thinking whattt??!! There's no Libera birthday then! Yes, very true, but it is my 14th birhday ^-^
(just thought I'd add that in there for fun (; )

(that will count as me for now! Those are actually my team colors!)

January 31st:

Jonathan Barrington! What's up JB?? I've really enjoyed watching you over the past few years, and I'm so sad that your time with Libera will be ending soon. You will always be remembered as a great choiristor! Happy Birthday! Hope it's the best!!

James Threadgill! I really am sad that you haven't been appearing in Libera lately, but I'd still like you to have a great 14th Birthday! Hope it's the best! (I'm older than you by 4 days!)

Hope you all have fantastic birthdays!!!