Sunday, April 17, 2011

Concert in London, Ontario

When I first heard the news that Libera would be singing in London, ON, I was certian I'd be going! "Daddy was born there! I'm sure he'd wana go back!" I thought, but turns out he was just there in October, and had no desire to see Libera, so I was stuck finding other arangements, which did work out nicely :) Unfortuntly, this meant no London concert, but luckly we have some awesome fans who have shared their reviews and thoughts!

From what I read, this concert was perfect, flawless, the best people have seen! If it's that good by the second concert, imagine how it will be by the 6th and seventh!

To read more on it, please check out Lexi's review on her blog here, or the reviews on the French forum here!

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