Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Daniel Fontannaz!!

Today, December 31st, the last day of the year, is the 15th birthday of the Amazing Daniel Fontannaz!!
Ever since I first saw him in the New Dawn Promo in 2008 I knew he was a great guy, always smiling, always helping the little ones, and always having fun! I was amazed the first time I heard his voice, it was so pure and so beautiful. I really hope he's still there in concert in Epsom, because I would love to hear him live! Daniel, I hope your birthday is super amazing!

Thanks to all my amazing friends on other sites for making these great graphics since my computer is pooping out on me!!

(thanks, geros9!)

(Thanks Emma!!)

Happy New Year!

(The white balloon doesn't show up on this background :P)

Well, today is the last day of 2010! What a great year from Libera! Peace, Peace Deluxe, lots of concerts, Lullabye! Time! Josh! Lots of TV apperances, and so much more! Also, 2010 was the year I first shared my love for Libera. I've been watching them on YouTube since 6th grade (3 years ago), and I never told anyone I liked them until this year! I met all of my amazing Libera friends who have really changed my life, I got a bunch of CDs, and I convinced my mom to let me go to a 2011 concert! I hope 2010 was great for everyone! If it wasn't, I hope 2011 makes up for it!
What I'd like from Libera in 2011 is;;
-A Meet and Greet in Epsom
-A new concert DVD
-Another USA tour
-Josh to stay in Libera
-A Christmas CD
-A fantastic year for all of Libera, their families, and fans

Happy New Year!!!! You guys all deserve the best in 2011 :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Libera!

Ahhhh! What a cute little video! First we have Daniel, Ralph, Stefan, and Sammy wishing us a Merry Christmas, and telling us how they are about to go sing at a Christmas service. They point out that they are wearing their hoodies backwards since they are having snaks before the service.
Next we see Mini James adorably telling us thanks for supporting them, and then it shows Mini James, mystery boy from Peace cover, another newbie we don't know, Barney, Dylan, Jakob, Sam, Daniel, Like, Josh, Mini Ben, Sammy, Alex, Ralph, and Stefan all behind Kavana, while they give us their Christmas wishes! When they are done Stefan starts to slide away, like he's not sure if he's suposed to yet, but then all the boys break away. We see Kavana give Sam a huge hug, which is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen! Merry Christmas to you Libera!! I hope 2011 is a great year for you!

Also, I'd like to wish a Merry Christmas to the few of you who read my blog. There aren't many who do yet, but I hope one day it will be more popular! I've had it up for almost exactly 3 months, and hope to continue it! I wish you guys all the best this holiday season, Christmas espically. I haven't had the best year this year, but I decided that ends today. From now on I will behave better and get along with my siblings more. I didn't have the best morning today, but I hope my day will improve, and my wish is that each and every Libera member and fan all around the world have a fantastic Christmas, and that you have a great time.

Take care and best wishes,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Libera on ITV's This Morning!!

It was great to hear that Libera would be performing on This Morning! Most of us were in fact expecting Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas was sung!

The boys present were Luke, Matthew R-A, Sammy, Jacob, Stefan, Ralph, Kavana, Daniel, Mini James, Carlos, Cassius, and Freddie. Mini James sang the solo, as he did on the CD. I thought they sounded fantastic! Just as good as on the CD! I'm so glad we got to see another TV apearance of our lovely Libera boys! Merry Christmas!

Also, Jimmy from the Libera Dreams forum posted a link to the interview that was done this morning, and Inna made it into a video! It has Mini James and Daniel being interviewed, with the normal questions (age, how long they've been in Libera, etc.) It was a great interview, and Mini James also mentioned they would hopefully be going to Canada in the new year! How exciting! I have lots of family in Canada, so maybe I'll get to see another Libera concert? :D

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Libera on BBC Breakfast + BBC Radio

Libera was featured in London this morning on TV on BBC Breakfast. They were interviewed for a few minutes, with the videos Deep Peace and Libera shown in between. If I may say one thing about this video, it's that I love Josh's hair!! It's getting so long! At the end of the video Josh led them in singing In The Bleak Midwinter, by giving them the pitches and then conducting! I actually sang that song in a concert not even 2 weeks ago, and I know for a fact that it's hard to do, so I commend them on a job well done :) It's fantastic that we get to see more Libera, and that thry are getting more exposure as well!

Libera was also featured on BBC Radio
"Richard Atkins looks ahead to the start of BBC1's The Nativity which begins tomorrow.
Also, discover how a Catholic Bishop keeps fit in body as well as soul.
You can also hear Richard in conversation with all-boy choral favourites, Libera."
I've been listening to it all morning, and so far I've only heard a recording of Sanctus II ((Locus Iste)) and I'm waiting for the interview!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Festivle of 9 Lessons and Carols

Yesterday two of our forum members attended St. Phillips to see the choir, containing Libera members, perform at morning mas. Thanks to lucyjubliate and Paul3003 for their great reviews!

Lucyjubliate: As for the morning service, this time only part the men's choir presented. Both Big Ben and Simon Lewis sounded brilliant with their solos. They sang Agnus Dei and Creator of the starry height, which had exactly the same tunes as Libera'a Agnus Dei and Sempiterna, but the lyrics were different. So those two Libera songs sourced from two traditional hymns? Or are the two traditional hymns also writtern by Mr Prizeman?

After the service a nice lady sat behind me asked me whether I enjoyed it (so she recognized I'm a Libera fan, lol). And this lady was Tiarnan's grandmother! She was really really nice and encouraged me to say hello to her grandson. But I know this was not a Libera concert so I asked her to introduce me... and she did! So this was the first time I ever spoke in person to one of the boys (hope I can go to a M&G someday...). And the boys' families are soooo nice and understanding.
Sounds like you had a ton of fun! It's so great that you got to meet Tiarnan and his grandmother :)

Paul3003: Well after a much delayed journey, I arrived at St Phillips at about 9.40 am, just 5 minutes before morning mass was about to start. I received a warm welcome, (I think my presence was especially welcomed as they was very few people at the service.) The church had a special guest, The Bishop of Croydon. +Nick Baines

The service began and the choir stepped out from the vestibule, present where only 3 older members that I could recognise, they were, Josh Mardine, EDIT: (I think it was Josh with very long hair.) Sam Coates, and Callum Payne. Bit disappointed that no other current members where there, but was hopeful for the evening service.

The adult choir sounded wonderful, and was conducted by Mr Prizeman.

As it was a holy Eucharist, I felt is was not appropriate to get my camera out and start snapping away, so sorry folks no pictures.

Traveling back to the city centre, with worsening delays, I felt i should not return to Norbury for the evening service for fear of being stuck in south London with no way to get home.
Very disappointing to have to miss the 9 lessons and carols, but I arrived home safe and warm, in time to attend the service at my local church.

Overall, I would say it was a well worthwhile journey, as I got to attend mass at St Phillips in the presence of some older members, and met and spoke with the bishop or Croydon.

Thanks for this! It's good to hear that Josh was performing, and that you go there on time! I'm so sorry you weren't able to attend the 9 Lessons and Carols!!

Now for lucyjubliate's review of the full choir event that evening!
Hello guys! I'm back to my place from Norbury and I did have a great time! The service was awesome! Forgive me if you feel I am taking it as a Christmas carols concert... lol

I arrived at the church around 6:00pm and sat in the third line on the left half. By the time the service began the church was almost full and most of those attended were the boys' families. Mr Prizeman began to play the organ by 6:15 and the service started a little bit later than 6:30. As I have imagined the choir was almost "full" today. Everyone was there except Mini Ben... maybe he's too busy with school or failed to come for the bad weather. Jonathan, Liam and Tiarnan were wearing men's choir's robes and they looked quite handsome in them. It seemed Michael H was there but he got his hair cut I could hardly recognize him... Oh, and Ralph's leg is OK now for he could walk normally. Henry seemed to have caught a cold so he did not join the choir and sat among the audiances.

The nine lessons was about the Genesis and the born of Jesus Christ. Nine different people read different parts from the Holy Bible. And two of the readings were done by Sammy and the new boy Barney! And he sounded quite good. The others who did the readings seemed to be the families or local people. I counted the porgramme and they sang 17 carols in total! And we joined the choir to sing 5 (Once in Royal David's city, O little town of Bethlehem, Silent night, While shepherds watched and O come all ye faithful) of them. It feels quite good to sing together with the boys! Stefan, Ralph, Jakob and Daniel did most of the high notes. And the men's choir sounded brilliant, too. In one song (The angel Gabriel) Josh sang the solo with his low voice and it was really beautiful! The service lasted for about one hour and a half.
Wow! That sounds like an amazing experience! It's sad that Mini Ben wouldn't make it there, but I understand that weather conditions must have prevented him from getting there safetly!

Overall it sounds as if the event went very smoothly, and that almost all the boys were present!
I hope to be able to attend one year, but seeing as theres almost no way for that to happen, I look foward to more revies in the future!

EDIT: Lucy has just posted a list of the songs that were sung in the evening service. 17 carols were sung, and some the public was even allowed to sing along to! How fun it would be to sing with Libera!

The songs are as follows:
(pink means everyone got to sing along)
Conditor alme siderum (this hymn had the same tune as Libera's Sempiterna but with different lyrics)
Once in Royal David's city Angel tidings
As Joseph was a-walking by Terry
Hodie by Sweelinck
There is no rose by Britten
O little town of Bethlehem Lully Lullah (same lyrics with the famous Coventry Carol but a different tune, and Ralph's solo and high notes here were amazing)
O magnum mysterium by Lauridsen
Silent night The angel Gabriel
And the glory of the Lord by Handel from Messiah
Poor little Jesus
While shepherds watched Shepherd's pipe carol by Rutter
Mary's lullaby by Rutter
O come all ye faithful

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's offical! I'm going to Epsom for the Libera concert!

About a month ago I asked my mom, thinking she would say no, if we could go to Epsom or London so I could see Libera in concert. She said no, like I thought. A week later I was home sick from school, and I decided that this might be my only chance to ever see Libera again (don't know why I thought that..), so I decided I was going. I made posters, diagrams, powerpoints, and even wrote a report as to why I should be able to go, plus prices for the entire trip. In my research I found out that it was over my spring break, so I wouldn't be missing school anyway, plus my mom was born in London and then lived there during 9th grade, so I thought she'd want to go back. I showed her all my stuff, and she said she'd think about it but the answer would probably be no. On Thanksgiving she said her finaly answer was no, we would not be going, but I wouldn't take that for an answer, so I realized I would need to do something about it. I behaved better than I ever had before and even did extra chores around the house. I got home from school the next day, to find travel information to London up on the computer, I screamed and ran to find her, I asked why she was looking at it, and she said "Because we're going to see Libera for Srping Break!!" I got sooo excited and ran to tell everyone on Libera Dreams, plus friends from school. The next day I went home during lunch, because I felt "Sick" (aka, it was the only time besides early morning that I could call the ticket office at the Epsom Playhouse and order my tickets) The lady I spoke to on the phone was really nice, and told me that there were 2 front row seats left! I snatched up seat AA2 (far left), and was about to get AA1 as well, for my mom, when I realized my little sister would be comming as well, so I decided to seat them in seats BB1 and 2, right behind me! (sorry for whoever I sit by, I might be going a little crazy!!). After all the transactions were made I went back to school, to tell everyone the exciting news. When I got home, Mom told me that she has booked airplane tickets, and we are currently looking for a hotel. I'm more excited about this than I ever have been about anything in my life, and I'm sure it will be a magical experience, the time of my life!

Happy Birthday to our December-Born Libera members!!

I meant to make this post on December first, but I've been so busy with exams that this is the first chance I have to dedicate a post to our amazing Libera members born in December! :)

December 1: The one and only Kavana Crossley! Happy belated birthday! I hope your day was fantastic! I love to watch you sing, and can't wait till be can hear a solo from you! :)

(Photo credit to Lexi!)

December 4: Liam Connery!! You are awesome, my man! I've loved watching you sing for the past 3 years, and I adore your eyes! I hope you keep singing forever! (

December 8: Happy belated birthday to Carols Rodriguez! Someone in my class actually has the exact same name (first and last) as you! I hope your birthday was wondeful, and I can't wait to hear more of your singing!!

December 9: Happy birthday to Mini James Mordaunt!! I know you probably get this a lot, but you are so adorable!! I hope you continue on with Libera for a long time! I can't wait to hear you sing live in Epsom!!

Love how he rolls his sleeves up!
( Photo credit to Lexi (: )

December 17: Tiarnan Branson! You are just a little more than a month older than me! Hope you have a great birthday!! I wish you the best of luck in the future!

(Credits to the amazing Lexi again! Thanks for all your fantastic pictures!)

December 28: Luke Collins :D Happy birthday!!!! I love you're hood demonstration in the Introduction to Libera video, it's super funny! Hope you have a great birthday!!

(photo credits to Libera 360)

December 31: Last, but certinaly not least, Daniel Fontannaz!! Daniel, you're one of my favorite singers in all of Libera - I love your voice so much!! Hope to still see you in Epsom! Have a fantastic birthday :)

That's all the birthdays for this month, hope to continue posts like this throughout the new year! 2011 will be great!

News from Libera on the US Peace Deluxe Release

As you all know, December 7th was suposed to be the release date for Peace Deluxe Edition here in the US. Unfortuntly that didn't happen. On the night of the 7th I went to 3 stores that always carry Libera, even the day of the release, I searched the entire music area, plus all the displays for signs of Peace Deluxe, but there was nothing! I even asked employes if they had it in the back, but they all said they hadn't revieved it yet. This morning I logged onto my e-mail to see there was a new post on Libera's blog, and this is what it stated:
Apologies to our US supporters who were expecting Peace: Deluxe Edition to be available this week.   Due to some logistical issues EMI tell us that the release has been delayed. You should see it becoming available at and the like from next week.
In the meantime we understand that does ship to the USA and that some of our American supporters have had good experiences.

As I said in my comment:
"A few weeks ago I ordered mine from and it got to Texas in just 3 days!! It’s defiently what I would recomend to do, if you don’t want to wait!",
I would defiently go ahead and order it from the UK if you want it before Christmas, the shipping was a little pricey, but I say it's worth it! I hope everyone is able to get their hands on a copy by the Holidays,  and hopefully we will be seeing it in stores soon!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Liam Connery!!

Today is Liam Connery's 15th birthday!! My goodness, it seems like just yesterday we were watching him as a little 12 year old!! Now he's a big 15 year old :) I wish you the best of luck in life Liam!! Hopefully I will still be able to see him in Epsom!

Here are some pictures of his time so far in Libera!