Monday, April 4, 2011

New Photos + Help spread the word!

Libera has just poster to their offical site;

"As our first tour to Canada approaches we have been working hard to prepare the show that we will be performing in 7 exciting venues in Ontario.  
We hope that all our fans in Canada know about the tour and have managed to get tickets, but  if you know anyone in Canada who might not have heard that Libera is visiting perhaps you could let them know - we'd hate anyone to miss out just because they didn't hear in time. 
Ticket information is available on our events page.
Why not share on Facebook or Twitter using the links at the bottom of this page......"

Looks as if they really want to sell out all the concerts, and spread their music to as many fans as possible! I know everyone would really appreciate it if you could spread the word to anyone you know in Canada or the North/North East U.S.! I've just sent out an email to all my family in Canada just letting them know, incase they want to go! You can also send people links to the posters, so that they can help by hanging them up!

Inbetween these postings they have also shared some new pictures, from rehersals in St. Philips and the Epsom concert! It's so neat seeing the boys from a different angle than the front row - you can really see the formations the make!

To see the rest, click here.

How exciting! One week until the tour starts! Hope everyone going has fun, and remember to spread the word!!

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