Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canada updates!

As of now, one concert is already sold out! It's the one at  Islington United Church in Toronto on April 17th! It's sure to be a great show and I hope everyone lucky enough to get tickets has a great time!
Libera should have landed in Canada an hour or so ago, but we're still waiting on a final word! I hope they had a safe and enjoyable flight, as it's a long one! Some of the fans set out today as well, and many more will be leaving tomorrow! I don't leave until next Thursday, the 21, but I'm still super duper excited! I hope to meet a lot of new people there, as well as some I met in Epsom! Hope everyone who is traveling from anywhere in the world to go see Libera in Canada has a fantastic journy!
Libera Forever!!

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